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Revolutionising commercial heating with sustainable solutions

Let’s break the ice

Our patented heating technology is the result of several decades of combined experience in product design, project management, HPC datacenter and engineering. Get to know our leadership team below.

storage unit furnace produced by blocklab
Our team

Meet the team

With experience in heating systems, data centres, business management and more, our leadership team is looking to the future. They’re thankful to be supported by a team of multi-skilled technicians.

Curtis Doran
Chief Executive Officer

Curtis has accumulated more than 15 years of technology development , management and operating experience. Curtis is Co-founder and CEO of BlockLAB and Co-founder and VP of Operations at Big Land Networks Ltd. Curtis earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Memorial University.

David Hall
Chief Operations Officer

David has accumulated over 15 years of mining industry and management experience focusing on operations, planning and continuous improvement to maximize efficiency. David has a local knowledge of connecting Labrador and experience in deploying fibre-optic and wireless networks.

Robert Burton
Chief Technical Officer

Robert brings over 15 years of technical experience to the team. His career spans roles in providing consulting and management services to cable and internet companies. Robert co-founded BlockLAB, and has been involved in bitcoin mining since 2016. His combination of ISP/network and cryptocurrency mining expertise position him to drive BlockLAB’s technical strategies.

Jason Budgell
Chief Financial Officer

Jason has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in financial services, primarily working for large financial institutions in commercial lending and business development roles. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, and has accumulated several financial planning, securities, and risk management certifications.

Joel Landry
Chief Engineering Officer

Joel Landry is an innovative leader with over 25 years of experience spanning across mining, dewatering and pumping systems, bulk handling, marine, and pulp and paper industries. Joel's specialization lies in innovation, new product design, and project management, with a keen focus on both detailed and conceptual design.  As the inventor behind our patented heating systems, Joel seamlessly combines his deep knowledge of electrical engineering with blockchain technology to generate groundbreaking solutions for Hestia Heating Inc.  His forward-thinking mindset and commitment to efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of our company's vision and operational success.

We're hiring!

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart people.

Our values

Driving innovation. Delivering sustainable heating.

Every decision we make at Hestia is inspired by our values, from the clients we partner with to the solutions we develop.


We reject the ‘that’s just how it is’ mindset. Innovation is at the core of our business, pushing us to find creative and efficient solutions that limit the use of fossil fuels and build more sustainable heating systems.


We want to leave the world better than we found it, and see HPC as a critical part of this future. By helping businesses offset their carbon energy and replace traditional heating with more efficient solutions, we’re creating a more sustainable ecosystem for all.


We all need to live more efficiently. Hestia empowers businesses and consumers to do more with less by using power twice. By repurposing energy generated by advanced computer processing to heat businesses across Labrador and beyond, we help the entire grid become more efficient.